Main materials Fanstyle Jewelry use in current imitation jewelry collections

With years experience on bridal jewelry, fashion jewelry export business, below are materials we familiar and good at, most of our products are made by below materials.


Materials including: metal part, stone parts, also plating materials.


1) For metal components.
※ Brass, we use brass to make brass casting components, brass chain.
※ Silver 925, like brass, we use it to make silver chain, and silver casting.
※ Iron, normally for some cheap items.
※ Zinc alloy, normally use it to make casting components.
※ Stainless steel, for some chains, casting, pendant.

2) For stones.
※ Cubic zirconia;
※ Rhinestone;
※ Glass stone;
※ Plastic stone;
There are also some other materials we use, like natural pearl, opal, moissanite, technically speaking, here in our city, we can get almost all the materials for imitation jewelry.

3) For plating.
※ Genuine gold/rhodium plating;
※ Imitation gold/rhodium plating;

Above are materials we familiar and good at, just for your information, if you are interested in other materials to meet your market demands, you are feel free to discuss with us, as be very honest, here in Yiwu city, we can get almost all the materials for imitation jewelry production.


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