Tips for buying from S925 silver jewelry wholesalers

Want start your own silver 925 jewelry business? Confused by wholesale and import process? Where to find reliable suppliers? Don’t have many knowledges about products, don’t know where to start and what to avoid, check information below from Fanstyle Jewelry China, the tips for buying from S925 silver jewelry wholesalers, including materials, designs, cost, package, import, suppliers, promotion…

1)   What is Silver 925, why silver 925?

Silver 925, or sterling silver 925, or S925 we normally call it, is the pure or fine silver comprises 92.5% of the mixture and the other 7.5% consists of a different metal, usually copper.

It is almost impossible to have fashion silver jewelry made from 99.9% pure because the content is far too soft to use alone. In order to harden the silver, pure silver is mixed with additional metal so that the new compound is firm and durable enough to be worked within production, as well as make the variable designs.

Those delicate designs like with cubic zirconia paved, are always need use 92.5% silver.


2)   Silver925 jewelry designs from Fanstyle Jewelry China.

Most of the silver925 jewelry from Fanstyle Jewelry are paved with cubic zirconia, check out below designs from us.

3)   Style and collections;

You just saw some designs from us like from above, you may not like our designs, which is quite normal, each designer, each store have their own design, some store sell those classical designs, some sell tiny and delicate designs, some designs are for Hip-hop, some may for young people which respect a free easy freedom life style.

As we have a lot of customers also are online store owner, based on our experience these years, here are some tips:

–       For classical designs, which most of customers are ok for it, also like to wear it in daily life, a lot of people will buy it, but also there are lot of stores sell it;

–       For designs with special style elements, actually most of customers may not like it, or it only suit to one group of people, but if your customer start to buy from you, they like your design, your styles, then this customer may will buy a lot from you.

By the way, even you don’t like the designs from us, also want to make some other designs, as long as it made by silver 925, we can handle.

4)   How to design? What is OEM

OEM is simply means you ask factory make products according to your sample, or your designs, not buy from supplier’s current styles.

Be very honest, most of our customers don’t have design capability, their design is just learn from others, like those big brand, do some changes…I have worked with a lot of brands, even those big brands, they will buy samples from outside, and do some changes or just ask us make it same. So below are several ways for your own style design.

–       If you are good at drawing, you can design it by yourself, or hire someone to make the design, but be honest, this are costy.

–       You find some designs you like, then just buy it and send it to us, we will make it exactly same with it, or for some designs, just send us some photos, we can make it almost same.

–       You make changes on samples, like make the stones bigger, make the color from gold to rhodium, remove some components…

–       Cost of each design are depends on if your design is complicit, like each components we will need to make a mold, and each will cost about $20, if your design with 5 different shape components, then we will have to make 5 molds to make it. By the way, some components like beads, lock, we don’t need to make mold, some already have mold, some buy from others.

–       One more thing very important is, do not put any brand or designs from those big brands like LV, Dior, Cartier…like if you put the H elements like HERMES on your jewelry design then you will get problem

5)   Eco Friendly and Testing;

We will always have testing standard for jewelry, each markets or customers with different request, like Walmart have their own testing standard, testing including Lead content, Cadmium content, Nickel content, Nickel release, Phthalates.

–       Testing standard, most of customers from US and European, only need fulfill first 3 tests, lead free, cadmium free, nickel free. Some markets like Africa, Asian, Middle-east with lower testing standard, some even no such request.

–       Testing labs, there are lot of testing labs here in China, like CTT, RTS, ITS, SGS…these are international labs, even Wal-Mart trust the result from these labs, also there are some small labs here, which with lower testing charge.

6)   Customized package;

There are several kinds of customized packages you can choose.

–       Customized boxes, which with your brand and logo directly print on it;

Normally need about 3000 pcs to order, about $0.3 each.

–       Customized packing bag, with your brand logo directly print on it;

About 3000 pcs to order, but cost is much lower than boxes, about $0.02 each.

–       Make a sticker, which with your brand logo on it;

We can just buy boxes without any logo, which can buy in small qty, then we make the sticker, and put the sticker on the box.

–       Price sticker if you need.

7)   Pricing strategy, Cost;

You may also confuse about how to pricing, what will be your appropriate profit, check with some local store, see what is the price they sell, then compare with your cost. when you check your cost, you will need to consider below subjects:

–       Development cost, like design, mold…

–       Products cost, normally factory will send you EXW or FOB cost;

–       Shipping cost, ship via sea, via air or via express, cost are different;

–       The import tax, each country with different policy, for some small value order, even don’t need;

–       Your promotion cost.

8)   Where to find the suitable suppliers;

Nowadays there are many ways you can find a good supplier for your business.

–       Just google it, you will find a lot of supplier there;

–       Use some B2B platform, like AlibabaMade-in-ChinaGo4worldbusiness…you can find a lot suppliers from these platform.

–       Source on those social media network, like YouTubeFacebookPinterestInstagramReddit , lot of suppliers also have account on these networks.

Any way, if you need an OEM supplier for your fashion jewelry, party jewelry, silver jewelry…you are welcomed to check with us Fanstyle Jewelry China, this is one of purposes why I wrote this article.

Also just to remind you that, you will always find a cheaper price supplier, a better quality products, do not expect your supplier with cheapest price, best quality, best service… otherwise you will feel struggle in your business, and this will drive your supplier crazy, most important is find the one who you are happy to work with, feel reliable, not the best but suitable.

9)   Why same design from different suppliers with big price different?

You will probably check with several jewelry factories to compare the price, supplier from China, India, Thailand…and you will be confused why same design with big price different, here are some factors which will affect the price:

–       Is this supplier use real 92.5% silver, some factories may use 80% silver which you don’t know, and most likely you will not test it after received, so if you find some supplier sell S925 jewelry with very low price, just be careful;

–       How is the finishing, is the polish on surface good enough, looks shiny and smooth?

–       What is the plating, is the genuine gold or imitation gold, genuine rhodium or imitation rhodium? rhodium plating cost increase a lot since last year, some customers asked us use Platinum to instead, which will make cost lower;

–       The thickness of plating layer, which will make the cost with big different;

–       If the products applied with anti-tarnish protection, this is also the cost to factory.

10) Tips on import;

Register for a business tax number. You will need this to import, if you are loath to handle customs matters yourself, consider hiring an experienced customs broker for your first import.

Make sure invoices are clear and complete so your goods can be cleared by customs quicker. You can also check with your local Dept. for all details, and it’s necessary you know the import before you place the order to supplier.


11)  Order process;

For those big brands, make an order is complicit, take long time and a lot of procedures, which are below:

–       Arrange the down payment;

–       Make pre-production sample, normally we call PP sample;

–       After pp sample approved, production will be proceed.

–       Some of customers also need a sample send to testing lab;

–       After production finished, send a production sample to customer;

–       Customers approval the production sample, then arrange the balance payment;

–       After balance received, we will make delivery.

These is most complicit order procedures, most of customers don’t work that this, only for those big brands like Wal-Mart… as all these are cost, take time and money. Most of customers only send a photo or samples, ask us make it same, then arrange the payment make the delivery…that’s it !

12) Additional resources;

Below are some other information and knowledge you may interested.

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OK, these are all we want to share with you for your silver925 jewelry business, hope this can help you, and if you are interested working with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us by below



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